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New concept of community and care center | Het Gasthuis van Welzijn | Buurthuis

2017, study

The Hague | The Netherlands

Mauro Parravicini | impressions by Merle Flügge

Het Gasthuis van Welzijn is a research for a new concept of social center for people living in problematic neighborhoods where illness, immigration and isolation generate exclusion. The location is an existing community center (buurthuis) that has nowadays lost his attractiveness towards the neighborhood. Our idea is to involve people again and make them count for each other. Everyone has something to offer, everyone has some need. By creating our “care exchanger” we give people the chance to get to know each other and take care of each other. Our vision is available in a book to be downloaded via this dedicated website. We strongly believe that public institutions should support this effort to create “preventive care” instead of financing post-illness assistance. The full renovation of the building would include a library, a kitchen/restaurant, a living room for the neighborhood, a place for mothers and children, bike repair and workshop, second hand shop, a local food market, a small housing section for refugees and community gardens on the roof. 

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