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House B

2018, relized

Como | Italy

Mauro Parravicini, Marco Ghielmetti

This apartment building in the area between the Swiss Ticino and Como Lake is an innovative building in its context. It features 5 apartments and a commercial floor. Conceptually is composed by two sculpted massive volumes floating on a transparent plinth. Attached to it, a private parking is covered by a folded concrete canopy. The folds give space to a roof garden, that potentially can be transformed into a swimming pool. The whole building is designed on a grid of 625 mm both in plan and elevation. This is visible also in the modular pattern of the facade surfaces. The building is one of the earliest almost zero energy buildings realized in Italy, with a ventilated facade and insulation for a total wall thickness of 625 mm. Energy wise the apartments feature radiating ceilings with a heat pump and solar panels.

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