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We provide pragmatic solutions and we enjoy being creative. That’s why we define our work as: “creative pragmatism”.

As mauroparravicini architects we believe in a close collaboration between all the parties involved in a project. We involve our clients and consultants from the beginning of the design process in order to share our reciprocal visions. We believe in a global approach to design, which includes both social and technical aspects. Beside our pragmatic research for functional solutions we aim for a built environment based on human and natural needs. We believe that natural and technical solutions are not contradictory but complementary.

The top-level international experience of Mauro Parravicini has widely developed within important offices such as Giancarlo De Carlo in Milan, Renzo Piano Building Workshop in Paris, Office for Metropolitan Architecture and Mecanoo in the Netherlands. This allows us to manage and develop projects at any scale, from product design up to urban layouts.

Our private clients can trust Mauro's long experience in detailing and construction. Our public and corporate clients can rely on the strong team-work attitude of Mauro Parravicini, his long experience as project leader on large scale buildings and public spaces, and his transversal and rich professional knowledge. 

We are paying much attention to sustainability also thanks to the fascination of Mauro on circularity, started at the Politecnico in Milan 20 years ago, and today developed with his students at TU Delft in the Master of Architecture.  

We develop projects internationally and in particular in the Netherlands and Italy where we are present with our partners. Our work is often the result of wide multidisciplinary collaborations. We regularly work with consultants, architects, engineers and artists based in different countries. Mauro Parravicini is one of the founders and initiator of Urban Arcipelago, a multidisciplinary think tank addressing urban and social improvement through design and research and New Urban Networks, a design team addressing new urgent needs in the field of housing and circularity in the urban environment. 


image: Willemieke van den Brink


De Rotterdam | OMA | image © Mauro Parravicini 2015


Delft Station | Mecanoo | image © Mauro Parravicini 2019

As project leader Mauro Parravicini has contributed to the design of two iconic buildings in the Netherlands: De Rotterdam tower by OMA, and the Delft Station and municipality offices, by Mecanoo Architecten. 

Mauro Parravicini is the managing founder of Mauroparravicini Architects. Please read his biography here


(people who worked with us since 2009): Mauro Parravicini (founder, director), Martina Baraldi, Matteo Bettoni, Martin de Beun, Romy Bijl, Eraldo Brandimarte, Raymond van den Broek, Tülay Bilici, Ilaria Costa, Michela Cristofani, Mauro Dal Pozzo, Filippo Ferro, Nathalie Frankowski, Cruz Garcia, Doris Harding, Chao-Yu Huang, Adriaan Jurriens, Michael van der Keur, Maarten Kop, Jaap Le, Elena Leontari, Francesca Meineri, Matteo Meschiari, Cristina Cassandra Murphy, Claudia Muzi, Ruoning Ni, Aurora Olto, Isabel Offenberg, Kelly Otter, Erica Pellegrini, Riccardo Pellizzari, Mariana Popescu, Gabriele Rinchi, Emanuele Risdonne, Migena Shehi, Aleksandra Shopova, Carolina Sironi, Andrea Stevanato, Sabrina Strangio, Ondrej Suk, Immanuel Tashiro, Tijn van de Wijdeven, Willem Wopereis, Marin Zeeman.


Project partners (other people we enjoyed working with): Rebecca Agnes, Laura Alvarez, Jip van de Beek, Francesco Besozzi, Peter Booms, Jeroen Bos, Edwin Bos (Rred communications), Willemieke van den Brink (Echter ontwerp), Bloeme Brusse, Francesco Garofalo (Openfabric), Luca Pietro Gattoni, Andrea Gerosa, Marco Ghielmetti, Kai van Hasselt (Noha), Maurice Hermens (Royal HaskoningDHV), Pieter Janssens, Birgit Jurgenhake, Anne-Marth Kuilder (Ministerie van Onverwachte Zaken), Rene Louter, Fred Lubben (Bureau Broersma), Mecanoo International, Marcel van Lieshout (Move Mobility), Pavel Matyska, Harald Mooij, Marco Prestini, Marta M. Roy Torrecilla (Kartonkraft), Martine van Oostveen (Royal HaskoningDHV), Stefano Seneca, Michiel Visscher (Royal HaskoningDHV), Daan Vulkers (Unknown Architects), Keimpke Zigterman (Unknown Architects).

Urban Arcipelago is a multidisciplinary team of creative thinkers issuing from different backgrounds and nationalities and sharing a strong interest towards urban strategies and the future of our urbanized territories. Mauro Parravicini is the co-founder among others since 2016. Please read more here

New Urban Networks is a design think tank founded in 2020 that issues from the experience of Urban Arcipelago as response to new urgent needs in the field of housing and circularity at the verge of the urban environment. It relates closely to the previous research of Mauro at Politecnico di Milano, and to the current one at TU Delft. Mauro is co-founder of New Urban Networks, together with Harald Mooij, teacher of dwelling at TU Delft, Marta M. Roy Torrecilla, architect, Jeroen Bos, architect.

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