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Nature Inclusive Building

2018, study

The Hague | The Netherlands

Mauro Parravicini, Hans van Cooten (Mostert de Winter), Martine van Oostveen (Royal HaskoningDHV), Edwin Bos (Rred Communications)

Following the invitation of the City of The Hague we have been studying the possibility to transform a shopping mall and residential block from the 1970s into a Nature Inclusive Building. We suggested 20 possible interventions including a water pond, worm hotels, insect hotels, birds nests, green facades, green roofs, indoor greenhouse and community gardens.

We believe that a "green" experience associated to shopping would bring benefit to the users, the city and the commercial activities themselves. 

Now our study for the Savornin Lohman in The Hague is published as reference for future developments in a book by the City of The Hague. 

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