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The city of the future | Stad van de Toekomst

2018, study

Eindhoven | The Netherlands

Mauro Parravicini, Francesco Garofalo, Jacopo Gennari Feslikenian, Marta M. Roy Torrecilla, Michiel Visscher, Marcel van Lieshout, Kai van Hasselt

The city of the future is integrated, adaptable, resilient, connected, inclusive towards nature and people. 

This is our vision for the internationale Knoop XL in Eindhoven, in the frame of the research called Stad van de Toekomst (City of the Future), an important event for the future of the Netherlands, organized by BNA, Ministerie IenW, Municipalities of Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven and TU Delft, where a community of designers, advisors and policy makers have been envisioning the future of our cities. 

This vision is the collective work of Urban Arcipelago, a team created in 2016 by Mauro Parravicini (architect, teacher, Mauroparravicini Architects), Marta Roy Torrecilla (architect, Kartonkraft), Francesco Garofalo (landscape architect, Openfabric) and Kai van Hasselt (urban strategist, Noha) including Marcel van Lieshout (mobility specialist, MoveMobility), Michel Visscher (civil engineer, Royal HaskoningDHV).

Our vision is based on the concept of embracing the infrastructure not as an obstacle in the city but as an opportunity to build and new green and blue infrastructure, resilient, attractive and inclusive. This part of the city which is now neglected and compromised by overwhelming mobility infrastructures, would become in our vision a distributed hub for diverse mobility systems that coexist in a green, pedestrian, socially viable and dynamic new center of the city of Eindhoven. 

Our research is published in the book "De Stad van de Toekomst" by BNA architecten. For sale here.

Images © Urban Arcipelago. 

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