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Urban Arcipelago

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Urban Arcipelago is a multidisciplinary team of creative thinkers issuing from different backgrounds and nationalities and sharing a strong interest towards urban strategies and the future of our urbanized territories.


The core team is composed by the following offices based in the Netherlands.

Core team:

Mauroparravicini architects, The Hague, directed by Mauro Parravicini, architect (Italy, The Netherlands). 

Kartonkraft, Rotterdam, directed by Marta M Roy Torrecilla, architect/urbanist (Spain). 

Noha, Amsterdam, directed by Kai van Hasselt, urban strategist (The Netherlands). 

Openfabric, Rotterdam, Milan, directed by Francesco Garofalo, landscape architect (Italy). 

In addition:

MoveMobility directed by Marcel van Lieshout, Henk Tromp (The Netherlands). 

Royal HaskoningDHV represented by Maurice Hermens, Michiel Visscher (The Netherlands). 

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In February 2016 Mauro Parravicini invited Francesco Garofalo, Marta Roy and Kai van Hasselt to join forces together with Marcel van Lieshout (MoveMobility) for a vision on the highway ring of Rotterdam (published in the book “Snelweg X Stad”, by BNA), based on their common experience in large scale projects developed in world leading offices such as OMA and Mecanoo.

Since then, the team successfully collaborated on more studies in the Netherlands, such as a study for the densification and extension in height of existing buildings in the center of Rotterdam (Licht Verdicht, published in a book by BNA), together with Michiel Visscher and Maurice Hermens (Royal HaskoningDHV), a future vision for the harbor of Rotterdam (The Archipelago of Knowledge) and for the "Stad van de Toekomst" about the future of the central Fellenoord area in Eindhoven.


The free and open-minded transversal collaboration between the team members has been the key for a positive and successful series of achievements which are the result of a rich interaction between their different disciplines.


One year after their first collaboration, in February 2017, the four core offices founded the “Urban Arcipelago” think tank (arcipelago without h, in Italian), a flexible and adaptable team of thinkers and designers, in condition to respond to new urban design challenges with an integral, creative interdisciplinary approach. 


The sum of their professional experiences has become available for public as well as private clients (such as Municipalities of Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Schiedam, Vlaardingen, Province South-Holland, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructures IenW, AM developers, Rijkswaterstaat - Dutch bureau for public infrastructures and water management) to help develop their visions and strategies at the urban level, from design to identity, including mobility and engineering with a vision towards social and environmental issues. 


Ideal counterparts of the Urban Arcipelago team are municipalities, public institutions such as Ministries and governments, private developers, building corporations and research institutions.

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